The Return Of FX

Do you find yourself missing FX these days? A lot of you have hit us up online asking for a comeback…and we’ve listened. This school year, FX makes a return to nightclubs everywhere for high schoolers who just can’t wait until they turn 18 or 21 to get their club on! We’re hitting some of our old spots and some new ones as well…check out where we’re making plans for;

• Orlando FL – we’re bringing things back at the spectacular Club 39!
• Boston MA – the legendary Showcase Live returns!
• Providence RI – back to our first city ever in New England!

We’ll announce more areas to come as we set things up, and announce dates as they get locked (only the Orlando date is set at the moment). Also, note some changes that we’re putting into place from the way things used to run.

• From now on, we’re only going to throw parties in an area once every 2-3 months instead of once a month.
• Expect to see famous DJs and celebrities at certain events.
• We’re not having amateur rappers/singers on stage anymore.

Stay tuned, FX returns!